December 2011

A Pinterest Do – Better Smelling Mattress PLEASE!

One day my son is going to regret me writing this...but it's true... LilMan doesn't seem to care that he wets the bed at night - I get the image of Lloyd from the movie "Dumb and Dumber" saying "just [...]

Holiday Traditions

New Year’s Traditions/Superstitions

Ring in the New Year with lots of noise and a tall dark and handsome man at your door! Since we had kids, our New Years Eve tradition is to get together with my parents (who live only 4 miles [...]

Reflection on the Year

I started sharing my crafts, paintings and ideas in September and I love hearing from you all, the smallest response makes me giddy.  :) Before I start a new year, I have to reflect on this one which is why [...]


Elf on the Shelf – TOO MUCH FUN!

Over the last several days while I've been away the Elf and family has been up to a lot of fun! Pin It On Wednesday morning the Elf was found at LilMan's computer with the Elf on the Shelf story [...]


Prepare for Fun in the Snow: How to Make a Snowman Kit

Get ready for the snow and building family memories while building a Snowman!  You can make this snowman kit during nap-time! In the South we do not get a lot of snow, but when we do we want to make [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Story Time – TOOO CUTE!

I'm so proud of my hubby!   While I'm away he sent me pictures of what the Elf has been doing:  this morning Ben sent me pics of the Elf reading his story to the other stuffed animals on the stairs...it [...]


Shopping Find! – Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs!!!

Can you relate to the movie "Christmas Vacation"?  If yes, you have to get these mugs!  If not, you still have to start some funny conversations. Every year when the kids are asleep we watch "Christmas Vacation " movie, the [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Shoe Shopping

This morning the Elf was easy to find, he was trying on the kids shoes!   We are always catching the kids (both of them) trying on my pretty red heels and walking around, I guess the Elf thought it looked [...]


Christmas Macarons! – Sparkling Treat for your Mouth and Table

Make a dessert that will delight the eyes and the tummy; a wonderful Sparkly French Macaron!    Look how gorgeous these are!! Amanda and I have made a total of 10 batches of Macarons together over the last 3 months, [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Monkey Business

 This morning we found the Elf hanging out with some high fliers. Spiderman and the monkeys are hanging out with the flying elf (a way from the dogs - the elf got carted away by one of the dogs the [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Who Sank my Battleship?

Looking for a Elf on the Shelf idea where the kids will engage? This is the one! All it takes is a Board game! Pin It This morning the kids were so quick to play the game, I didn't get [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Playing with the Dogs

We are dog sitting for Kevin and Amanda while they are on a trip.  The kids are having so much fun playing with Howie and Miley that the Elf had to join in. He took the ball! The kids walked [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Singing Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

Over the last couple of days the Elf on the Shelf has really made himself at home.  We caught him and some others singing.  The Elf got together with our moose and a posse of stuffed animals to sing "Grandma [...]


Shopping Find – Leg Lamp!

Classic movie - The Christmas Story!  If you've never seen the movie, you must! I first saw it in college and have watched it every year at least 5 times.  So I was super excited when I ran across the [...]


Elf on the Shelf – He’s a funny little guy :)

 This morning the kids found the Elf in the bathroom.  Em came running out of the bathroom "Mom! I want to show you somping!" No typo there, she says 'something' like 'somping'. :)  "Look, he drew on the mirror!"  The [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Fabulous Decorator!

 Last night I started decorating my dining room for Christmas and the Elf finished it for me with a wonderful touch of whimsy.    He hung marshmallows from the light fixture and put marshmallows all over the table...it's so pretty! [...]


How to Make a Tulle Bow – Video

I love the look of big bows on presents. :)  I just love this picture!  It reminds me of my younger years where I'd look under the tree with glazed over eyes and see the sparkle of the tree with [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Slice of Heaven

This morning the Elf was sitting leisurely by the Gingerbread houses enjoying a piece of the Gingerbread house decor and gazing off into the lights. Pin It He looks relaxed.  I hope he eats all of the Gingerbread houses or [...]


Elf on the Shelf – He is in Shock!!!

This morning we found the Elf in Em and LilMan's toy room, and he had a look of Shock!  Yesterday we visited with Santa at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens; Santa Claus reminded all the kids that they still had to [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Mr. Clean he is not!

This morning we woke up to the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cookies stacked in an odd shape (one LilMan called a robot).  The cookies were made with Nestle's Dark Chocolate and Mint and Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips - really [...]


Elf on the Shelf – My Hero

There must have been some drama last night, we found our Elf in a precarious position and Barbie was on top of the TV!   Buzz and Woody are big Elf helpers. The Elf is quite the lady's man. :) Pin [...]


Elf on the Shelf – YouTube Video

After my last post with Elf on the Shelf, I had the song "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz in my head and had to put together a video.   In addition to my pictures of the Elf on the Shelf, included [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Bottoms Up

 This morning the kids didn't find the Elf on the Shelf, they actually walked by him at least 3 times!  How on earth could they miss the pile of goodies my friend and partner in Macaron Mania Amanda brought from [...]


Elf on the Shelf – Texas Holdem

This morning we found the Elf got some company last night: he must have put some of his magic dust on the other toys so he wouldn't be too bored at night. LilMan was fascinated and wanted to play too. [...]


Christmas Wreath Decorating Party

This past weekend I went to a Christmas Wreath Decorating Party - It was a Fabulous idea and we had a great time!!! Sarah, from Hats by Sarah, arranged the party through Facebook. Once she knew the number of people [...]