Tutorial - Girly Tulle Butterfly Wreath

I decided to make a wreath accentuate the new decor in Em's room. 

I literally made this wreath during the kids nap time.  

To make the wreath you'll need:
  • Styrofoam Wreath
  • 1 yard of Tulle
  • 1 yard of contrast Tulle
  • Accents (I used two packages of Scrapbooking butterfly accents)
  • 1/4 yard of material to cover the wreath

 For convenience, I used Tulle on a roll (so I didn't have to worry about raveling and cutting, plus when I purchased it, it was 50% off :) ).

  • Cut strips of material to cover the foam about 6 inches wide, then folded the edges over and top stitch the edges.
  • Then cut strips of tulle about six inches wide and 12 inches long (guestimated).
  • Wrap the tulle around the foam and double knot.

Alternate the colors of tulle.

Hot glue the embellishments.

A beautiful wreath in less than 2 hours, I just love productive nap times!!!

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