Painted Silhouette and Embellished Pillow

I started out painting a pillow with the intent to make the Silhouette a solid color, but because of the nature of the material and the acrylic paint, I changed directions and I absolutely love the results!

I started by drawing out the Silhouette with a fabric pen. Tip: when you use the fabric pen and have something you want to erase, simply spray it with water and blot - the pen mark disappears.

Once I had the drawing the way I wanted it, I painted a light underpainting to ensure the Silhouette was really going to look like I wanted it.  Then started with a dark brown (to better match my living room decorations).  This is where I had to switch directions: I couldn't get the acrylics to spread evenly on this type of material so - I worked with it, worst case scenario, I do it again - no big deal. :-)

While I was painting, Em was also painting.  We like to turn on Pandora radio and dance to the music and paint. 

She and I painted for about an hour without realizing it, I stepped back from my painting and was shocked by what I saw.

She was really shaping up to be something better than I expected! The under-painting became the highlights. This is where I had to stop the first night because it was the kids bed time.

The next night we were all back to painting and I was almost done,  just had to finish the flower and then add some contrast strokes around the primary painting.

Em was working on a new painting.  :)  I think she has potential - she's not even 3 and has the ability to focus for an hour on painting! 

Finished the painting.  

I waited a couple of days to ensure the paint was dry before I applied a Liquitex Soluvar Varnish to protect the painting against dust.

I could've stopped here, but I really wanted to make the pillow stand out, and what better way than to accessorize, with some Stretch Magic and Beads I bought at Hobby Lobby. :-)

With a needle that has an eye large enough for the Stretch Magic, I tied several knots to ensure it didn't come through the material and pulled the needle through from the back.  Once the Stretch Magic was through the material I removed the needle to add on the beads.

As I was building the necklace I took another needle with brown thread and loosely looped stitched around the Stretch Magic so the necklace would lay as though it were on a person.  

 The back of the fabric looked like this.

A little extra precaution: to ensure the knots didn't come through the material, I took a small piece of cardboard, cut some slits in it and slipped the Stretch Magic through.

The earring and necklace are in place.  Then I added the piping and sewed it all together.

She brings elegance to wherever she sits, like all ladies in pearls do.

Note: If I had a Silhouette Cameo Cutter, this project would've been a snap!  (cut out the Silhouette and use it as a template to spray paint on the Silhouette, then embellish).   I would love to hear if you've been able to do this with a Silhouette Cameo Cutter (I've been debating whether to buy one).

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