Glow in the Dark Spider Balls

Glow in the dark spider balls for Halloween

October 6, 2011

51 thoughts on “Glow in the Dark Spider Balls

  1. These are so cool! I am not really into Halloween decorations but these could make me change my mind! Fun and funky! Great job!

  2. Thanks Elaina, I'm so glad you liked the glow in the dark spider balls!  They are hanging in my dining room now:)  I have a few more pictures to take and I expect to show my neat Halloween decor this week.  Hope you check it out and LOVE the comments :)
    Stephanie @ All Artful

  3. Oh, I am totally doing this tomorrow! my girls will go nuts – they LOVE anything that glows in the dark! I am seriously off to track down glow in the dark paint in the morning!

    would love for you to share this on the sunday showcase –


  4. Thanks Bernadette!  I just linked up to your blog!  I've found glow in the dark spray paint at both Michaels and Party City.  Check out this blow – lots of fun stuff to do with glow in the dark 😉 http://playathomemom3.blogspot….  (I pinned some stuff from her site on pinterest :) )

    Stephanie @ All Artful

  5. Thanks Anna! I'm all linked up on your page for the glow in the dark spider balls and I also included the Drawing tutorial for a Halloween pumpkin, good for kids 5 – 9.

    Thanks for commenting!
    Stephanie @ All Artful

  6. I love these.  The addition of the glow in the dark spray paint was genius!  This seems like it was a lot of fun for the kids.  Mine would have loved smearing the Vaseline.  I am a new Twitter Follower from the Sunday Showcase.  Vicky from

  7. Just hopped by from It's Playtime, these are fantastic.  What a fabulous idea and yet quite easy to make.  Thanks for sharing


  8. Thanks Beth!  I just checked out your site – LOVE IT,  and your kids are cute too :).  Count me in for linking up, I have some great drawings for kids activities. 

  9. Thanks for dropping by!  I checked out your website – You have great little helpers there :)  The look like they would enjoy making glow in the dark spider balls.  Hope you give it a whirl and make a memory!

  10. That is super creative.  When I saw the picture, I assumed it would be too complicated for my kids to do, but thanks to your instructions and pictures, it might be something we try soon!

  11. Very cute.  I think I might use this idea to make a "basket of thanks" for our month long tradition in November.  If I get to it, I'll post it on my blog.  Thank you so much for sharing!  I found you on LLI.  Blessings!

    1. Hey!
      I didn’t even think about putting them outside, but I LOVE that idea!!  the glowing lasts about 12 hours while it decreases as the night wears on.  I had them on my dining room chandelier and I remember walking through the house around 3 or 4 in the morning because one of the kids woke up and I did a double take in the dining room because they were glowing and it took me aback. :) 
      I’d love to see how you use them in the yard – send pics please :)
      Stephanie from

    1. I was going to ask the SAME question. Wondering about dry-time for a class party of second graders. :) Did you ever hear back or did you try it Kavita?

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