Drawing Tutorial - Covered Bridge with Fence Row (ages 7 - 10)

This drawing helps teach kids about perspective and disappearing point.  It will be easy for a 10-year-old, but challenging for ages 7 and under.

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Have fun!

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored Pencil
Did you Know:
Election day is always on the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November.

  • Because November was the most convenient month for farmers and rural workers wer able to travel to the polls. 
Why Tuesday?
  • Monday wasn't reasonable because many people would need to begin travel on Sunday.
Why Tuesday after the First Monday?  
  • Lawmakers wanted to prevent election day from falling on the November 1st, which is All Saints Day ( a Holy Day of Obligation for Roman Catholics).

  • Most merchants did their books for the previous month on the 1st.  (A prosperous month helps influence voting.)

  • Draw with a very light touch - so light that when you erase, you can't see a mark.
  • The red lines are the part of the new drawing.
  • The dashes are what should be erased.
  • Place paper horizontal.  (Note horizontal is often used for peaceful scenes - hence, landscape)
Step 1:

  • Draw a large rectangle about a 1/3rd up from the page (you can have the child place their hand with fingers horizontal starting at the bottom of the page to find where they should place the first rectangle).

  • Draw a smaller rectangle to the right of the larger rectangle.

  • Draw triangles on the top of each triangle.

  • Connect the two, top of triangle to the top of the triangle, bottom right of the triangle to the bottom right of triangle and bottom right of the rectangle to the bottom right of the rectangle.
Points to Emphasize to kids:
  • Disappearing point: if you were to continue the lines drawn from the front of the covered bridge past the back of the covered bridge, where they cross is the disappearing point or horizon.

  • To draw a straight line: fold a piece of paper in half and use as ruler, of sorts.

Step 2:
  • Draw in the countryside and river that runs underneath the bridge.
Points to Emphasize to kids:
  • Countrysides generally have a rolling hill, rather than flat horizons like an ocean view.

  • Point out how the road gets larger as it comes towards you and smaller in the distance.

  • A fun exercise: Hold up your pencil, look at someone where the top of the eraser is at the top of their head and place your thumb at the point on the pencil where their chin is.   It's funny how a head can be an inch or so on the pencil - perspective.

Step 3:

  • Draw in some details
Points to Emphasize to kids:

  • Again, point out how things in the distance get smaller the further away they are.
Step 4:
  • Draw in and color the countryside
Points to Emphasize to kids:
  • Again, point out how things in the distance get smaller the further away they are.

  • This is where the creative juices get started. Encourage them to draw a wagon, cow, trees, boat flowers, whatever they want to see in the country.

Have fun!

Stephanie Weaver

Grinning Like An Idiot: Create your Happiness. I'm a stay-at-home mom who doesn't 'stay' very well. I like to provide everyone with resources and ideas for crafts, painting and DIY!