Friday funny_Valentines Day
Feb 12th, 2015 On The Homefront

Two years ago I wrote a post about my thoughts on Valentines Day that I never published because my hubby read it and said I sounded bitter. So I’ll write a bit of it now, I’m not jaded against Valentines […]

Friday-Funny-Groundhog Day
Feb 5th, 2015 On The Homefront

I forget Groundhog day every year; it happens every February 2nd, I know this, but it just never resonates for me as an event…do you know why? Spring… Spring starts in March – every… single… year! About the only GOOD […]

Jan 22nd, 2015 On The Homefront

I’m writing an ebook and it’s almost ready for publication except for some photos that I need to take and some videos that I’m working on adding to the ebook. While I’ve been making the videos, I can’t help but […]

Friday Funny: New Years Resolution, Gym
Jan 15th, 2015 On The Homefront

It’s a New Year – Yeah! With that comes resolutions to get in shape/lose weight: good for you to make such a resolve to do something good for yourself.  But let me enlighten you on other people’s perspective of your […]

Jan 9th, 2015 On The Homefront

These past two weeks I have discovered the value of the iPads. With the tablets, the kids are quiet (unless they tire of them) and thoughtful while playing both fun and educational games, which is a good thing. Without them, […]

Jan 2nd, 2015 On The Homefront

For the last 10 days the kids have been home on Christmas break and during this time, I’m constantly finding stuff out of place, messes around the house that are, apparently, no ones fault.  Yet, it is just me, the […]

Latest Blog Posts

Feb 22nd, 2015

Since I became a stay-at-home mom I’ve come to realize that I’m a mess!  My work-life was completely organized, structured with spreadsheets, plans, goals etc.  I knew where everything was.  At home I’ve found I need to get this crap organized! So […]

Feb 15th, 2015

There are a ton of things that can be done with wood pallets and wood pallets are in a huge abundance!  The trick is finding a wood pallet for free.  So here is how I found some wood pallets, for […]

Silhouette Heart Stencil or Cut Out-
Feb 8th, 2015

So this was a craft that started out one way and ended two different ways, it could have been a complete cluster if I didn’t have patience.  So why in the world did I start off making a 100 piece […]

14 Amazing Chocolate Recipes
Feb 5th, 2015

I love a good dessert… I mean a really, really good dessert – you know the kind: the ones that are ‘worth it’ – worth the effort to make and/or worth the calories. In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’ve […]

Neato Vacuum Unsolicited Review Silhouette Design-
Feb 1st, 2015

My blog isn’t about reviews or giveaways, but it is about what I find extremely helpful, fun, recipes and ideas, so I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas, Neato Vacuum. This […]

Banana Cherry Nut Bread-
Jan 25th, 2015

We have a tendency to let bananas get too ripe, you know brown…but that is the perfect ripe for banana nut bread! I’ve been playing around with recipes and I’ve hit on a winner, it’s a modification of Banana nut […]

Jan 18th, 2015

We all need a go-to list of recipes that are easy, quick and healthy.  Here is my list of go to recipes with a couple of shout outs from bloggers I’ve gotten permission to share their images and recipes.  If […]

Ham Olive Roll Up Appetizer-
Jan 12th, 2015

My family loves olives. I’ve already shared one recipe that we make every Christmas and New Years Eve that has olives, Olive Cheese Balls, well this is a second that we have to make as well, Ham Olive Roll up […]

Jan 5th, 2015

We built our house in 2007 and I’m getting to the point where I want some changes to some major components of the house, like cabinets.  Here is a post from last year that shows our house, Our Gorgeous House-IMO. […]

Cheese Olive Snack Recipe with Video-
Dec 29th, 2014

Every year we make cheese olive balls for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. These tasty morsels are a family favorite.  This year I tried something different, and it worked!  I made them in advance, frozen them and then baked them! […]

No Bake Cookies Reindeer Poop-
Dec 15th, 2014

I was suppose to go to a Christmas Cookie Exchange party the other day but I got tied up preparing for a big family event. Family first. But I still want to share with everyone my go-to Christmas Cookie Exchange […]

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